William M. Mahoney, Jr., PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Washington Department of Pathology
Office: 206.685.7523
Fax: 206-897-1540
Lab address: SLU Brotman 432
Lab phone: 616-5734
Faculty Profile

Dr. Mahoney is a researcher in the Center of Cardiovascular Biology and Regenerative Medicine at the UW South Lake Union campus. Research in the Mahoney laboratory is centered on understanding the basic mechanism controlling cell differentiation. Areas of focus include: (1) the characterization of specific molecular signatures defining different vascular beds; (2) determination of the mechanism by which Regulator of G-protein Signaling (RGS) proteins mediate smooth muscle cell physiology during development and in response to disease; and (3) the signaling events controlling vasculogenesis, and ultimately arteriogenesis, of stem-cell grafts implanted into injured myocardium.