Charles E. Murry, MD, PhD

Co-Director ISCRM, Professor
University of Washington Departments of Pathology and Bioengineering
Office: 206.616.8685
Fax: 206-897-1540
Lab Website

Our group studies diseases of the heart, both acquired and genetic. We have a longstanding interest in the biology of myocardial infarction (heart attack), with a goal of harnessing stem cells to promote regeneration of heart muscle and the coronary circulation. Both pluripotent (embryonic stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cell) and adult stem cells are used. The Murry lab is a multidisciplinary group, spanning molecular regulation of stem cell differentiation, animal models of disease, studies of human tissue, and we work collaboratively to promote clinical trials of cardiac repair. Most recently we have delved into genetically based human cardiomyopathy, generating induced pluripotent stem cells from patients and phenotyping cardiomyocytes derived from these cells.