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Core Faculty

Olivia Bermingham-McDonogh PhD

University of Washington
Biological Structure


Office: 206.616.4652

My broad research interests are in the area of sensory system development and regeneration.  My research currently involves the mammalian inner ear.  The inner ear contains 6 sensory patches, 5 that mediate our sense of balance and 1 for hearing.  These patches contain hair cells that transmit signal to our brain and supporting cells. My lab is interested in what signals are involved in specifying these sensory patches and if the sensory cells are damaged or lost can we use these molecular pathways to encourage regeneration.

Currently we are investigating manipulations in the Notch signaling pathway for effects on development and regeneration in the inner ear.  We are also looking at the epigenetic features that change with differentiation of the sensory structures.  Ultimately our goal is to help generate therapies for restoration of hearing and balance.

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