Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Core Faculty

Robert Rostomily MD

University of Washington
Neurological Surgery


Office: 206.598.5637

The Rostomily lab is studying how the biology of neural stem and progenitors cells (NSPCs) influence the malignant behaviors of brain tumor stem cells. They are focusing on elucidating the age-related mechanisms in NSPCs that influence their normal phenotype and malignant potential after transformation. These studies are expected to result in better pre-clinical animal models and new therapeutic strategies that account for aging. Mechanisms that promote glioma stem cell invasion commonly promote other malignant phenotypes such as treatment resistance and angiogenesis. Therefore, an additional focus of their lab is to leverage invasion as a biomarker for drug discovery and identification of novel pro-invasive pathways that coordinately regulate multiple features of glioma malignancy.

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