Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

at the University of Washington

Core Faculty

Zhijun Duan PhD

University of Washington
Research Associate Professor


Office: 206.543.7758

The focus of our research is on understanding the mechanisms underlying development and tumorigenesis through deciphering the structure-function relationship of mammalian genomes. We have developed a series of high throughput methods for mapping three-dimensional (3D) genome architecture globally or locally. Recently, in collaboration with the investigators in the University of Washington Center for Nuclear Organization and Function (UW-CNOF), we developed a single-cell Hi-C method for characterize the 3D genome architecture in thousands of single cells in a massively parallel fashion. We have used these tools to dissect the dynamics of 3D genome organization in the context of a variety of biological systems. One of our current focuses is to characterize the nuclear morphology-associated 3D genome rearrangement and epigenetic programming during blood cell maturation and the pathogenesis of hematologic disorders. 

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