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International Society on Early Intervention Conference
June 8 – 10, 2016

“Children’s Rights and Early Intervention”

Conference location: Stockholm, Sweden

Aula Magna, the Conference Site

Aula Magna buildingAula Magna was designed by architect Ralph Erskine (1914-2005), together with Lars Wilson, and inaugurated in 1997. This came to be the last building that Erskine created for the campus area. In gratitude for his work, Erskine was awarded the University Gold Medal in 1997.

Aula Magna evening viewAula Magna is seven floors high, three of which are blasted into the rock. Towards the north east, where the main entrance is, it gives a low and small-scale impression, and the generous foyer appears behind the glass façade. The building rises to its full height on the south west side. By dividing the façade into many volumes of different sizes, structures and heights, Erskine managed to shape this closed part in an interesting way. The façade is made of patterned bricks of shifting textures and different shades of red, yellow and brown. Erskine’s typical solar reflectors, which let daylight into the auditorium via skylights, can be seen from far away.

Aula Magna auditoriumIn the construction of Aula Magna, requirements were placed on good sound insulation and acoustics. The result being that a speaker can stand on stage and speak without a microphone to 1,200 listeners. In December each year, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences organizes the traditional Nobel lectures here with different laureates.

Stockholm University

Stockholm University campusThe University is located in the northern part of the National City Park, which spans three municipalities (Solna, Stockholm and Lidingö) and forms a historic landscape interwoven with forests, open fields, parks, beaches and buildings. In the planning of the University buildings in the 1970s, there was a desire to preserve a green passage from east to west, between the Arrhenius Laboratories and Södra huset, as dispersal routes for insects and birds from the Haga Park to Djurgården. The latest addition to the area are the wetlands that were created at the Bergius Botanic Garden in 2009. Areas worth visiting include Lappkärret, Laduviken and Spegeldammen at Stora Skuggan, and the marshes at Lilla Skuggan. In 1995, the area was designated the world’s first national city park, an important area for the national cultural heritage, the city’s ecology, and human recreation. The park harbours more than 800 species of flowering plants, 1,200 species of beetles, and more than 100 species of nesting birds.

The City of Stockholm

Stockholm from aboveStockholm, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city. The Royal National City Park, (the first National City Park in the world), is a green space that breathes for the city, and a constant presence in the crush of the city.

With its 750 year history and rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide selection of world-class museums and attractions. Most of the city's attractions can be reached on foot, and visitors can experience big-city life, the history of civilization and natural scenery, all in the course of the same day.

Gamla Stan imageVisit Stockholm City Hall. Climb the City Hall tower for a fantastic view of Stockholm. Visit Gamla Stan, Stockholm's oldest attraction and one of the best preserved medieval city centers in the world. Walk through small winding streets lined with stores full of handicrafts, antiques, art galleries and cafés. The Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral are also located in Gamla Stan.

The green island of Djurgården is home to some of the city's most popular attractions. Visit the world-famous warship the Vasa, the world’s oldest open-air museum Skansen, or Astrid Lindgren’s Junibacken. And don't miss the chance to see Stockholm from the water. Djurgården imageNaturally a city built on fourteen islands offers marvelous views over the water. There are many different sightseeing tours to choose from.

Hotel Accommodations

Although the conference has not arranged for special rates, Stockholm offers a variety of accommodations within easy walking distance from Aula Magna or commuting distance utilizing public transportation.

Stockholm 2016

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