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Information about Infants and Young Children

Infants and Young Children is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on vulnerable children from birth to five years of age and their families. Of special interest are articles involving innovative interventions, summaries of important research developments and their implications for practice, updates for high priority topic areas, balanced presentations of controversial issues, and articles that address issues involving policy, professional training, new conceptual models, and related matters. Although data are often presented primarily to illustrate points, some types of data-based articles may be appropriate.

IYC 27:4, October/December 2014


From the Editor
Mary Beth Bruder
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Following Up on Community-Based Developmental Screening: Do Young Children Get the Services They Need?
Marshall, Jennifer PhD, MPH; Raffaele Mendez, Linda M. PhD


Effects of an Infant-Focused Relationship-Based Hospital and Home Visiting Intervention on Reducing Symptoms of Postpartum Maternal Depression: A Pilot Study.
Nugent, J. Kevin PhD; Bartlett, Jessica Dym PhD, MSW; Valim, Clarissa MD, ScD


Coaching With Parents in Early Intervention: An Interdisciplinary Research Synthesis.
Kemp, Peggy MS; Turnbull, Ann P. EdD
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Effects of Distance Coaching on Teachers' Use of Pyramid Model Practices: A Pilot Study.
Artman-Meeker, Kathleen PhD; Hemmeter, Mary Louise PhD; Snyder, Patricia PhD


Exploring Type and Amount of Parent Talk During Individualized Family Service Plan Meetings.
Ridgley, Robyn EdD; Snyder, Patricia PhD; McWilliam, R. A. PhD


Preschool-Age Male Psychiatric Patients With Specific Developmental Disorders and Those Without: Do They Differ in Behavior Problems and Treatment Outcome?
Achtergarde, Sandra PhD; Becke, Johanna MD; Beyer, Thomas; Postert, Christian MD, PhD; Romer, Georg MD; Muller, Jorg Michael PhD

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