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Information about Infants and Young Children

Infants and Young Children is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on vulnerable children from birth to five years of age and their families. Of special interest are articles involving innovative interventions, summaries of important research developments and their implications for practice, updates for high priority topic areas, balanced presentations of controversial issues, and articles that address issues involving policy, professional training, new conceptual models, and related matters. Although data are often presented primarily to illustrate points, some types of data-based articles may be appropriate.

IYC 28:1, January/March 2015


From the Editor
Mary Beth Bruder
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A Model for Increasing the Fidelity and Effectiveness of Interventions for Challenging Behaviors: Prevent–Teach–Reinforce for Young Children
Dunlap, Glen PhD; Lee, Janice K. MEd; Joseph, Jaclyn D. MSW; Strain, Phillip PhD


Using Signs to Facilitate Vocabulary in Children With Language Delays
Lederer, Susan Hendler PhD, CCC/SLP; Battaglia, Dana PhD, CCC/SLP

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Achievement Together: The Development of an Intervention Using Relationship-Based Strategies to Promote Positive Learning Habits
Earhart, James PhD, NCSP; Zamora, Irina PsyD


An Integrated Literature Review of the Knowledge Needs of Parents With Children With Special Health Care Needs and of Instruments to Assess These Needs
Adler, Kristin MScN; Salanterä, Sanna PhD, RN; Leino-Kilpi, Helena PhD, RN; Grädel, Barbara MScN


Maternal Depression and Early Intervention: A Call for an Integration of Services
Alvarez, Shanna L. PhD; Meltzer-Brody, Samantha MD, MPH; Mandel, Marcia PhD; Beeber, Linda PhD, RN


Teachers' Perception of Children's Behavioral Adjustment in Tanzanian Preprimary Schools and Their Relationship to Teachers' Cultural Beliefs Regarding Obedience, Cooperation, and Play
Shavega, Theresia Julius MSc; van Tuijl, Cathy PhD; Brugman, Daniel PhD

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