The Professional Training Resource Library (PTRL) is a searchable, web-based library with a wide range of free materials to support professional training in the field of early intervention.  The PTRL is hosted by the International Society on Early Intervention (ISEI) in partnership with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD).

The library contains materials representing interdisciplinary and discipline-specific core knowledge and skills relevant to degree-oriented as well as continuing education and certificate programs.

Types of material included in the library:

 null Assessment Tools
 null Case Studies
 null Course Syllabuses

 null Internship Guidelines
 null Readings
 null Specific Curricula

 null Training Manuals
 null Videos Web-Based
 null Modules

PTRL users have access to the following library features:

Material Submission

Users can submit material to the PTRL by clicking the ‘Submit Material’ button.  This allows the user to provide detailed information about the submission as well as upload or provide a link to the actual material.  Providing detail, such as an abstract, the type of material, and relevant disciplines, will allow for submissions to be searched by other PTRL users.  All submissions will undergo a review process before being made available in the PTRL.  The purpose of this review is to ensure that the material placed in the PTRL contains high quality and current information.

Material Search

Users will be able to search all approved material using two methods.  A ‘Specific Search’ allows the user to choose specific authors, material types, disciplines, etc., to search for material. A user may also perform a ‘Keyword Search’ which identifies submissions that have specified search terms in their title, abstract, keywords or author details. Both searches will generate all potential matches, summarizing each match with links to more detailed information and to the actual training material. Users may also see a list of all approved material by clicking on the ‘PTRL Inventory’ link in the navigation menu at the bottom of the page.

Material Feedback

Users can provide submission-specific comments by using the ‘Feedback’ link on the main page.  Users can select the title of the material they would like to comment on and fill out a simple web form to provide feedback.  Feedback will be shared with PTRL staff, and relevant comments will be shared with submission authors.