The Isotope Geochemistry Lab is part of the Dept. of Geological Sciences at the UW, and supervised by Bruce Nelson. We're located in the Ocean Sciences Building on the sunny Seattle campus of the UW.

Our research interests and backgrounds are quite varied but we all have in common using radiogenic isotope and trace element variations to understand geologic processes and global to regional geochemical cycles. A quick list of current abstracts and lab bibliography is available in subsections of the Overview, and more detailed summaries and extracts are in the Research section.

Our group includes undergrads, grad students, post-docs and faculty from the UW and elsewhere. This web site is designed to give you an idea of who is working on what and where, our analytical capabilities, and those problems in the earth sciences that fascinate us.

The north coast of Molokai, Hawaii where we are currently working on the geology and geochemistry of the East Molokai volcano. This view of Haupu Bay shows the lowest exposed (subaerial) part of the tholeiitic shield which is at the base of the cliff. Behind the cliff are caldera-filling lavas. Work on this section continued downward with submarine expeditions utilizing Sea Cliff and PISCES V.

Ground and air views of Mt. Igikpak in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. In collaboration with A. Till and S. Nelson of the USGS, field work in this range was one of the first projects undertaken in the UW Isotope Geochemistry Lab (see Nelson, Nelson and Till (1993)).

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