Enabling scientific discovery through stable isotope analysis
WAIS Divide Ice Core
Ice coring drill,
West Antarctica.
Greenland snow pit
Snow pit in Greenland
Research projects in the IsoLab are primarily focused on the application of stable isotopes to the study of paleoenvironments and the evolution of the earth system.

We use water isotope (δD, δ18O, and Δ17O) data from ice cores to document past climate changes.

We trace changes in atmsopheric chemistry using oxygen isotope (Δ17O) data from reactive nitrogen and sulfur compounds.

Triassic Jurassic Boundary, BC, Canada
Triassic/Jurassic boundary, BC, Canada.
Greenland old conglomerate
Old Conglomerate,
We examine the signature of mass extinction events using carbon isotope (δ13C) data in sedimentary rocks.

We measure carbon and oxygen isotopes of carbonates and sulfur isotopes from the oldest of rocks to investigate the environment for early biology.

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