Enabling scientific discovery through stable isotope analysis

We make all our data public, through collaboration with National and International Data centers. Please cite original data sources when using these data sets.

The Greenland Summit Ice Cores
Eric Steig, James White, and David White - scientific oversight, data solicitation and quality control at the National Snow and Ice Data Center and National Geophysical Data Center

Radiocarbon data set and calibration program
Minze Stuiver and Paula Reimer at the Quaternary Isotope Laboratory, University of Washington

Taylor Dome Ice Core
Eric Steig et al., University of Washington

Data from our ITASE ice cores, and links to other ITASE data sets.

Freezer Temperatures
View graphics of the freezers we keep our samples in.

Antarctic temperature reconstruction
Steig et al. (Nature, 2009).

NIST 1547 - Peach Leaf δ15N and δ13C Survey
IsoGeoChem survey of measured values for this NIST material.

Bacterial Denitrifier Preparation Survey
IsoGeoChem survey of bacterial preparation and handling.

Tobin et al. (2012) oxygen and carbon isotopic data with trace element data and reconstructed paleotemperatures.