Enabling scientific discovery through stable isotope analysis
Nautilus from outer reef while Shane and Peter were diving
Janet cutting WAIS Divide Core at NICL
Janet cutting WAIS Divide Core at the National Ice Core Lab
TCEA column 1100C
Modified TCEA Column 1100 °C
Third Floor Visitor
Kyle doing HF work
IsoLab Meeting
Lab Meeting
WAIS Ice Core Drill
The deep ice sheet coring drill with a fresh ice core at WAIS Divide, West Antarctica.
MAT253 Source
Faraday cup assembly from DeltaPlus Advantage
Faraday Cup Array
Geologists hitting rocks with hammers
Collecting >3.7 billion year old Isua Supracrustal Belt samples
Mt Waddington field work
Ground penetrating radar on Mt Waddington
Micromass IsoPrime source
Micromass IsoPrime Source
Getting to field site via helicopter
Helicopter ride to Triassic / Jurassic Boundary
Finnigan Gas Bench
Finnigan Gas Bench II
IsoLab personnel 2006
IsoLab Team 2006
Greenland field trip
Jelte fixing Kiel
Jelte finds the problem on the Kiel