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Fieldwork 2015

The 2nd Annual Winter Course for Field Snowpack Measurements

March 8-12, 2015

Sherbrooke, Quebee, Canada

This court aimed to teach skills to practicioners and modelers to increase the quality of results for all snow data users. This course introduced students to standard and specialized, quantitative and qualitative, methods for the characterization of snowpack.

Course Concept:

As our ability to characterize and model the hydrologic regime in snow - dominated ecosystems continues to improve, there is a parallel need to make meaningful and accurate measurements of snowpack properties. Practitioners often collect and use field data for their own purposes. Modelers and remote sensers often obtain the snowpack data from field practitioners or other researchers, but have little knowledge of meaning or richness of the data they are using. This course aimed to teaching skills to practitioners and modelers in order to increase the quality of the results for all users.

Course Topics

  • Grain Size
  • Layer Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • Spatial Variability
  • SWE Measurements
  • Surface Energy Balance
  • Climate Impacts