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4th Workshop

NASA Snow Meeting
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
March 29-31, 2016


This is a three part meeting: 1) to advance efforts by the International Snow Working Group-Remote Sensing (iSWGR) in promoting snow remote sensing efforts through research initiatives and education, 2) to continue planning for a large NASA (and possibly international) snow remote sensing field effort (SnowX), and 3) to educate the community about the potential of the ASO airborne snow observatory operated by JPL.


Tuesday, March 29, 8-noon:  International Snow Working Group Remote Sensing (iSWGR) and     Decadal Survey Updates
Tuesday, March 29, noon-5:  SnowEx Planning
Wednesday, March 30, 8-5:  SnowEx Planning
Thursday, March 31, 8-1:  Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) Info and Workshop



The Waterfront Activities Center on the University of Washington Campus:!/wac



Anyone interested in snow remote sensing.


SnowEx website:
ASO website: