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Modeling 2014

Summer Snow School: Modeling

June 23-25, 2014

NCAR Foothills Lab

Boulder, Colorado

Course Concept:

Modeling the hydrologic regime in snow-dominated ecosystems requires an understanding of data sources (to drive the model, to update the model, and to evaluate the model's performance); of model architecture (how to set up the model, run the model and make decisions regarding model parameters and model physics); and how to optimally combine data and modeling (data assimilation and model evaluation). The course objective is to learn modeling concepts with hands-on experience, as opposed to being a tutorial on how to run a particular model (i.e. not the same as the CLM school). We use a modular modeling framework that incorporates components from most snow models in use today. All sections are hands-on computer laboratory exercises using existing datasets and models. The target audience is people who will benefit from an understanding of snow modeling but who are not already well versed in modeling and data assimilation.

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