DUB talk – Recent work in Interaction Design

The Interaction Design concentration at the Division of Design, School of Art moves into its fifth year beginning this fall. Prof. Axel Roesler presented some of the projects that were developed in the Interaction Design sequence ART383, ART 483, and ART484, graduate work in Interaction Design, and research trajectories.
Launched in Winter Quarter 2006, IxD studios have provided a platform for the collaboration between students in Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design, Human Centered Design and Engineering, the iSchool, and Computer Science and Engineering, among other departments.
Watch a audio/slide capture of the talk to learn more about recent collaborative projects such as the recent Microsoft Design Expo 2009 and the commercial flight deck of the future with the Boeing Flight Deck Concept Center.
Find out about the DUB group at the University of Washington here.

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