Origin was presented at this year’s Microsoft Design Expo in Redmond, July 18-19 as the UW IxD project responding to the design challenge ‘Get Connected, Stay Connected’




Origin is a file management system that tags your data the way your brain does.

In recognition of the shortcomings of current file management systems, Origin seeks to improve the way in which data is tagged, making its operation far more organic (or brain-like) than any typical system. By tagging data with contextual markers, it delivers users what they want, when they want it, without degrading opportunities to search for other data. Origin connects you with your files—it is a file management system that tags your data using contextual markers. Watch a video of the Origin presentation here.







Origin was developed in ART385 – Design and Society during Winter Quarter 2011 by

Vu Chu

Ben Mabry

Nick Smith

Daniya Ulgen

Jason Wong



This year’s design expo class was offered at the junior level in a studio class of 23 students. In five teams the class developed very different projects that address the theme of the expo – Get Connected, Stay Connected. The design process encompassed all stages of design development from the identification of common practices, salient needs, uncharted terrain and interesting design opportunities, followed by field observation, data analysis, ideation, conceptual design in many variations, and user experience prototyping. Rather than giving the class a specific design topic in the context of the design expo theme, It was important to us that the student teams each identified a design space where their experience in the team would make an interesting contribution. We started with a white sheet of paper and ended with video prototypes of each envisioned experience design that showcases interesting user experience scenarios that not only include the product or interface that would anchor the design, but also portrayed the context into which the design would be fielded and how it potentially could shape novel activities and engagements.



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