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Patient-centered design of interactions and experiences during chemotherapy. Josh Nelson conducted field observations and design research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center / Seattle Cancer Care Alliance to learn how chemotherapy patients and care providers experience cancer treatment in chemotherapy treatment centers. His thesis examines design opportunities and promising design directions for devices, environments, and the organization of care that could improve the treatment experience of patients.

M.Des Thesis Josh Nelson 2013





Prototyping Interaction: Exploring the Physical Aspects on Interaction Design. Dan Ostrowski’s Thesis examines the design process and prototyping techniques used during the design of new interaction design concepts for the future commercial flight deck, projected 30-50 years into the future. In collaboration with the Flight Deck Concept Center, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Division as part of a three year research contract 2010-13.

M.Des Thesis Dan Ostrowski 2012



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Dynamic Energy Visualization: Information and Performance Management in the Commercial Flight Deck. Nate Landes Interaction Design Thesis examines information management and display design opportunities to support strategic planning, monitoring, control in the commercial flight deck, projected for horizon three future flight decks 30-50 out. In collaboration with the Flight Deck Concept Center, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Division as part of a three year research contract 2010-13.

MFA Thesis Nate Landes 2011




Medical Emergency Event Documentation System. An iPad based real time documentation app to effectively support the documentation of Code Blue first response in the hospital setting by enhancing the caregivers’ access to relevant information, and simultaneously generate a record of the timeline of conditions, treatments, and decisions that were made. In collaboration with the Institute for Simulation and Interprofessional Studies (ISIS) at the UW School of Medicine.

MFA Thesis Kris Martin 2010




Facilitating Personal Nutrition Understanding Through Mobile Technology. The Easy Balance Nutrition Tracker is an early smart phone based app for monitoring personal nutrition that directly addresses the issue of nutritional balance. By utilizing an emergent pattern based
display, Easy Balance Nutrition Tracker takes advantage of the larger screen size and touch technology of first generation smart phones.

MFA Thesis Kelly Almon 2009




Accommodating Windows of Opportunity is a novel display concept that supports pilots faced with managing short‐term deviations from long-term plans. One such situation, the ‘slam‐dunk’ approach to land provided a case study for the application of a dynamic representation that guides pilot attention with depth of field cues.

MFA Thesis Luke Woods 2008