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Donating to The Jacobs Research Funds

Shortly after the death of Melville Jacobs in 1971, the Jacobs Research Funds began supporting anthropological and linguistic research on living Native Americans. Since 1975 to the present, hundreds of projects have been funded. Because of its relatively conservative mandate and requirement for basic research, the fund has fostered the collection of much irreplaceable data on the evolving languages and cultures of Native American peoples. Thanks to the generous administrative support of the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham and the frugality, not to say penuriousness, of the volunteer advisory board, the fund has very low administrative expenses (1% or less), enabling the lion's share of its formerly modest endowment to be spent as the founders intended. Recent gifts by Dale Kinkade, Kay French, and Helen Codere have enriched the endowment, allowing an expansion of the program without changing its orientation.

We encourage those who see the value of the research the Jacobs Research Funds supports to make contributions, large or small, to the endowment. All gifts qualify as bona fide charitable contributions in both the United States (501c3) and Canada. Please make your check (or cheque) payable to Jacobs Research Funds. Please enclose one of the donation forms at the left with your gift, indicating whether you would like to be acknowledged publicly or prefer to remain anonymous.

Contributions in American dollars may be sent to: Jacobs Research Funds of the Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect Street, Bellingham, WA 98225, Attention: Amy Geise.

Canadians wishing to make a donation to support the Jacobs Research Funds should do so via Whatcom Museum Society British Columbia (WMSBC): Suzanne Gessner, Manager; Whatcom Museum Society British Columbia (WMSBC); 835 E 22nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V5V 1V8. The Whatcom Museum Society holds Tax Registration Number 861680635RR001 from the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency and will issue a tax receipt.