Information for Grant Recipients

Suzzallo and Allen libraries

Suzzallo and Allen Libraries, University of Washington
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As a recipient of an award from the Jacobs Research Funds, you are required to deposit your field materials in the Jacobs Research Funds Collection at the University of Washington's Division of Archives and Manuscripts in the interests of protecting your irreplaceable field data. Access to these materials will be controlled as specified in the Deed of Gift which you will file with your materials. The default is that you will have sole control over the materials for twenty-five years, and on the twenty-fifth anniversary of your award from the JRF, the public may gain access to your materials.

When you archive your field materials, you must also file a final report. Both forms are below left.

Send materials to:

University of Washington Libraries
Special Collections
Box 352900
Attn: Pacific Northwest Curator
Seattle WA 98195-2900

Depositors of field materials will be sent a copy of the countersigned Deed of Gift form by UW Libraries.

Documents and Forms:

The cost of copying your materials and delivering them to the University of Washington is to be paid for out of the funds you receive from the Jacobs Research Funds. A copy of your final report should also be sent to

The importance of filing your final reports and archiving the results of research cannot be over-stated. Researchers may hold grants in consecutive years, but the final report must be filed and materials must be archived before subsequent funding can be received.

Frequently asked questions about archiving
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Jacobs Research Funds archives, University of Washington
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