Alumni Highlights

Brian Chu (MAIS Japan Studies 2013) is the cultural and educational program manager at the Hyogo Business and Cultural Center in Seattle.  His first task on the job was preparation for the Hyogo-Washington 50th Anniversary Celebration, held in August 2013.  He’s now working on communication with all the Hyogo-Washington sister cities, teacher exchanges, performance groups, and local festivals.

Karsten Jensen (BA Japanese 2013) will join the Global Business Team at Suntory Holdings Ltd. in Japan on April 1, 2014.  He’ll be using the skills he learned from his major in Japanese as well as other courses he took at UW in accounting, finance, and economics.

Doug Slaymaker (PhD Japanese literature 1997) is a professor of Japanese at the University of Kentucky and was recently awarded a grant from the Fulbright Program for research in Tokyo about Japanese writers and artists traveling between Tokyo, Paris, and Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s.

Hironori Sasada (PhD Political Science 2008) is an associate professor in the Office of International Affairs at Hokkaido University.

Emi Tamaki (PhD Sociology 2013) is an assistant professor in the College of Social Science at Ritsumeikan University.  She is engaged in a research project using an epidemiological approach to assess how work, stress, smoking, body mass index, and other behavioral patterns impact women’s fertility.