New Japan Studies Librarian

Azusa TanakaAzusa Tanaka has joined the East Asia Library of the University of Washington in Seattle as the Japan Studies Librarian. Tanaka received her MLS degree from Syracuse University in 2008 and her MA in Korean Studies from the UW’s Jackson School of International Studies in 2005. She previously served as the Japanese catalog/subject librarian at the East Asia Library of Washington University in St. Louis; she is actively involved in the National Coordinating Committee for Japanese Library Materials and the Council on East Asian Libraries committees. The combination of her library experiences in Japanese cataloging, reference and library instruction services, and collection development, as well as her subject training in other areas of East Asian Studies, will enable her to make significant contributions to the UW East Asia Library and the university community.

Tanaka says her main goal is to support users’ learning, teaching, and research by collection development, reference services, and instruction sessions. She looks forward to meeting as many users as possible and getting to know their needs.