view of fur seals and Isla Robinson Crusoe from Isla Santa Clara,  © Juan Fernandez Islands Conservancy 2003Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the American Bird Conservancy, California State University at Long Beach, Conservation International, the Marc Lindenberg Center (UW), National Geographic Society, New England Biolabs Foundation, the NIH Minority International Research Training (MIRT) program, Northstar Technologies, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the TOPP program (Tagging of Pacific Pelagics), several private donors and a private foundation for their generous contributions.

For administrative support we are indebted to Wildlife Conservation Society, the University of Washington (Seattle), and regional and island offices of CONAF (Corporación Nacional Forestal). For his collaborative efforts we thank Dr. Roberto Schlatter of the Universidad Austral de Chile. We thank Mario Galvez, Leonardo Moder and Javiera Meza of CONAF, as well as Agustín Iriarte and Horacio Merlet of SAG (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero) for our research permits.

For various in-kind donations we thank CONAF, the Municipality of the Juan Fernández Islands, the Francis and Calypso, Island Conservation and Ecology Group, Dr. Julia Parrish, Adolfo Navia at Acting Electric, Eagle Optics and the Birder’s Exchange. Thank you to Will Scales for designing and drawing our logo, and to Diana Thayer for additional graphic design.

We would like to extend our thanks to members of the islands community too numerous to list individually for their continued support and enthusiasm. We are indebted to local CONAF administrators, rangers, and personnel (and their families), Leopoldo Charpentier and personnel from the mayor’s office, the Casa de la Cultura, the faculty and students of the Escuela Dresden, and the Juventud Robinsoniana.

Our project is forever indebted to our field crew members: Erin Hagen, Stephani Holzwarth, Samantha Hua, Christian “Chupa” López, Ronnie Reyes and Alejandro Sepulveda. Their tireless efforts, endless enthusiasm, and enduring sense of humor under isolated and challenging conditions have made our endeavors not only successful, but also more fun than we can sometimes handle!

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