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Sci Trans Med
January 2019
Our paper "Nanoscavenger provides long-term prophylactic protection against nerve agents in rodents" is featured as the cover story of Science Translational Medicine and highlighted by Science.
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Foreign body response to pHEMA and pCB hydrogels
January 2019
A special issue of Langmuir, entitled “Zwitterionic Interfaces: Concepts and Emerging Applications”, edited by Shaoyi Jiang, Kazuhiko Ishihara, Yasuhiko Iwasaki and Julius Vancso, was released on January 15, 2019.
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Foreign body response to pHEMA and pCB hydrogels
november 2017
Shaoyi Jiang wins 2017 Braskem Award for Excellence in Materials Engineering and Science from AIChE. This award is presented to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of materials science and engineering.
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Group News

December 2018 – Dr. Peng Zhang, Ph.D., 2018, joined the Koch Institute at MIT as a postdoctoral Research Associate.
November 2018 - Dr. Kasia Nowinski, Ph.D., 2014, joined Seattle Genetics.
October 2018 - Dr. Shaoyi Jiang delivered the MilliporeSigma Lecture at the University of Michigan.
October 2018 - Dr. Shaoyi Jiang was appointed as an Associate Editor, Science Advances, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
September 2018 – Dr. Wei Yang, Ph.D., 2014, joined NanoString as a Technical Service Scientist.
August 2018 - Dr. Qing Shao, Ph.D., 2014, started his academic career as an assistant professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Kentucky.
June 2018 – Dr. Jean-Rene Ella-Menye, a former postdoctoral research fellow, joined Ampac Fine Chemicals as a Process Scientist II.
June 2018 - Dr. Shaoyi Jiang delivered the 10th Dvorak lecture, Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences.
March 2018 - Dr. Andrew White, Ph.D., 2013, in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester, received the NSF CAREER award.

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