Jiang Lab

Group Members

Shaoyi Jiang
Shaoyi Jiang, PhD  
Principal Investigator  
  243 Benson Hall
sjiang@uw.edu Box 351750
206.616.6509 Seattle, WA 98195-1750

Boeing-Roundhill Professor of Chemical Engineering & Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering
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Postdoctoral Researchers

Daewha Hong, PhD  
  320 Benson Hall
dwhong@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Daewha received his PhD degree in Chemistry at KAIST, Korea. He has research experience on functional surface coatings using organic-based materials. Now as a postdoc in Prof. Jiang's group, his research interests involve surface coatings and materials for developing medical devices.

Hsiang-Chieh "Roger" Hung, PhD  
  320 Benson Hall
hung830@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Hsiang-Chieh received his PhD degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering at National Central University, Taiwan. Now as a postdoc in Prof. Jiang's group, his research interests involve wetting phenomena including the development of anti-fog and anti-icing materials, hydrogels and polymer synthesis.

Yang Li, PhD  
  320 Benson Hall
yli3@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Yang received his PhD degree at Oregon State University and was a postdoc at Emory University.

Priyesh's Pic
Priyesh Jain, PhD  
  337 Benson Hall
jainp2@uw.edu 206.616.6510

Priyesh received his PhD from the University of South Florida and has experience in pharmaceutical startups, peptide chemistry, medicinal chemistry and organic synthesis. He designs and conducts synthetic routes for monomers and polymers in our group.

hari's Pic
Harihara Subramanian Sundaram, PhD  
  347 Benson Hall
hariuw@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Hari received his PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. Research focuses include the synthesis of zwitterionic and amphiphilic polymers via controlled living radical polymerization techniques, utilizing these polymers for foul-release/antifouling applications, nano-fiber modification and polymer surface analysis.

Xuewei Xu, PhD  
  445 Benjamin Hall
xueweixu@uw.edu 206.616.5991

Xuewei Xu received his PhD in polymer chemistry from Fudan University, China. He joined Prof. Jiang's group as a research associate in 2010. His research interests include controlled polymerization techniques, nanoparticles, hydrogels and organic-inorganic hybrid composites for medical and biological applications, and "non-fouling" and "fouling-release" marine coatings.

Zhefan Yuan, PhD  
  337 Benson Hall
zfyuan@uw.edu 206.616.5991

Zhejan received his PhD in Polymer Chemistry and Physics from Wuhan University, China. Now as a postdoc in Prof. Jiang's group, his research interests involve zwitterionic polymer synthesis and their applications in protein conjugates.

PhD Students

Tao Bai  
  241 Benson Hall
taobai@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Tao attended Tianjin University, China and his research interests include smart hydrogels and the next generation of zwitterionic materials.

Gil Benezer  
  320 Benson Hall
gbenezer@uw.edu 206.616.5991

Gil attended the University of California, Davis.

Erik Liu  
  445 Benjamin Hall
ejliu@uw.edu 206.616.5991

Current research interests include designing proteins and biomaterials and their therapeutic applications.

Sijun (Susan) Liu  
  337 Benson Hall
ssliu@uw.edu 206.616.6510

Susan received her bachelor's degrees in Chemistry (Chemical Biology) and Molecular and Cell Biology (Immunology) from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently a PhD student in the department of Bioengineering, with research focusing on the development and biological application of zwitterionic materials.

Andrew Sinclair  
  445 Benjamin Hall
sinclaia@uw.edu 206.616.5991
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Andy received his HBS in Bioengineering from Oregon State University with minors in Chemistry and Business. He visited Prof. Jiang's group in 2010 as an Amgen Scholar, and joined as a PhD student in 2011. His research involves developing multifunctional and biocompatible polymers, hydrogels, and drug carriers for applications in nanomedicine and regenerative medicine.

Joshua Smith  
  B17 Benson Hall
jsmith07@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Josh received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University in 2014. His research focuses on molecular modeling of biomaterials as a PhD student in the Jiang lab.

Fang Sun  
  320 Benson Hall
fangsun@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Fang received his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering from Tianjin University, China, and is pursuing a PhD degree. His current research interests include developing low-fouling, multifunctional, peptide-based materials for biomedical applications such as surface modification, diagnostics, and biosensors.

Caroline Tsao  
  337 Benson Hall
ctsao@uw.edu 206.616.6510

Caroline received her Bachelor's degree in Life Science (Biology) from the National University of Taiwan and is currently a PhD student in the department of Chemical Engineering.

Kan Wu
Kan Wu  
  320 Benson Hall
kw50@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Kan received his B.E. in Materials Science and Engineering from Donghua University, and a Master's in Polymer Science from the University of Akron. His current research focuses on anti-fouling surface modification for blood-contacting devices.

Peng Zhang  
  339 Benson Hall
pz7@uw.edu 206.616.6510
[ Google Scholar Profile ]  

Peng received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in polymeric materials science from Tianjin University. Before joining Dr. Jiang's group, he was enrolled in the Macromolecular Science and Engineering program at Case Western Reserve University for one and a half years. His research interest is zwitterionic material based polymers and nanotechnology.

Masters Students

Jia-Ruey Ai  
  320 Benson Hall
switzerland3019@hotmail.com 206.685.3627

Jia-Ruey received his Bachelor's degree from National Central University in Taiwan. He joined Prof. Jiang's group in 2014.

Xinran Che  
  320 Benson Hall
gracexinran@gmail.com 206.685.3627

Xinran received her Bachelor's degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Tianjin University. She is now a masters' student, and current research focuses on bioinspired antifouling coatings on hydrophobic surfaces.

Sky Li  
  339 Benson Hall
Sky.li@ymail.com 206.685.3627

Sky received his Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering from the Nanjing University of Technology in 2007, and an MBA from the University of Hong Kong in 2013.

Jiawei Xue  
  320 Benson Hall
jessiejw@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Visiting Scholars

Yantao Chen
Yantao Chen, PhD  
  347 Benson Hall
chen78@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Yantao Chen received his PhD in polymer chemistry and physics at Fudan University, and then became a teacher at Shenzhen University. He is currently a visiting scholar in Prof. Jiang's group, and focuses on the interactions between proteins and zwitterionic polymers (or PEG).

Mengmeng Wang  
  320 Benson Hall
wangmsuda@163.com 206.685.3627

Mengmeng is a visiting student from Soochow University, China, workings on polymer synthesis and applications in stem cell fate regulation.

Yanjiao Han  
  320 Benson Hall
hanyanjiao1123@gmail.com 206.685.3627

Yanjiao is a rotating graduate student from the Molecular Science and Engineering program.

Lin Zhang
Lin Zhang, PhD  
  339 Benson Hall
linzhang05@gmail.com 206.616.6510
[ Website ]  

Dr. Lin Zhang received his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering at Tsinghua University, China. He is current an Associate Professor at Tianjin University, China, and a visiting scholar in the Prof. Jiang's group. His current research is focused on interfacial behaviors of protein molecules.


Timothy Fujihara  
  320 Benson Hall
timothy.j.fujihara@gmail.com 206.685.3627

Timothy Fujihara is an undergraduate that came to the Jiang Lab through the Building Bridges to Bioengineering intern program. He intends to enter the UW ChemE program in the Spring of 2016.

Mary O'Kelly  
  445 Benjamin Hall
marybethokelly@gmail.com 206.616.5991

Mary received her BS in Bioengineering from Clemson University in May 2015 with a concentration in biomaterials. During her time at Clemson, she became passionate about research on biomimetic polymers as a Fuji Endowment Scholar at the University of Tokyo under Professor Kazuhiko Ishihara and Dr. Jiro Nagatomi. Currently, Mary has joined the Jiang Lab group to further her research interests. Her research interests include the continual development of novel and biocompatible polymer hydrogel systems for improved drug delivery platforms.

Daniel Leon  
  320 Benson Hall
dleon@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Daniel is a researcher developing nonfouling marine coatings and related materials.

Undergraduate Students

Nannan Jiang  
  320 Benson Hall
jnn422@uw.edu 206.685.3627

Nannan is a senior in the UW ChemE department, and is currently working on the synthesis and characterization of non-fouling self-polishing copolymers for marine applications.

Austin Law  
  445 Benjamin Hall
lawa3@uw.edu 206.616.5991

Austin is a junior in Chemical Engineering.

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