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Waking the Dead:
Fujiwara no Teika
s Sotoba kuyō Poems

Shūi gusō poems 2770-79 appear as a group composed by Teika for inscription on a set of memorial placards (sotoba) offered in the name of ten earlier waka poets, and the poems make a series of readily recognizable allusive gestures to foundation poems (honka) by or closely associated with these poets.  Teika transforms the tropes of the foundation poems and rearranges their elements as cleansed Shakkyōka prayers for the repose of the dead.  This essay explores the issues of interpretation raised by performative waka compositions such as these and interrogates the meaning of honkadori poetics.  A transcription and translation of Teika’s sotoba kuyō poems is included.

Volume 28, Number 2 (Summer 2002)
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