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Earl H. Kinmonth
The Mouse that Roared: 
Saito Takao, Conservative Critic of Japan's "Holy War" in China

On March 7, 1940, Saito Takao, a conservative Diet member representing a rural constituency, was expelled from the Diet as punishment for a speech he had given in the Diet on February 2, 1940, criticizing Japan's "holy war" in China. Leading the push for Saito's expulsion were numerous figures who later held top positions in the Nihon Shakaito (Japan Socialist Party). By analyzing Saito's speech and the movement to expel him, the essay attempts to provide a new perspective on 1930s militarism and the questions of who profited from it and who supported it.

Volume 25, Number 2 (Summer 1999)
1999 Society for Japanese Studies


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