Volume 6

Fall 2004

Front Matter

David William Foster, Women's Society in Prison: Adriana Lestido's Mujeres Presas

Patricia Arias, Las Nuevas Estrategias de un Viejo Dilema. ?Quien Hereda la Casa en los Contextos Populares Urbanos?

Ernesto Capello, City, Chronicle, Chronotope: Re-constructing and Writing Old Quito

Alfonso Valenzuela Aguilera, La Ley de la Calle: inseguridad Urbana y Control Social del Espacio en la Ciudad de Mexico

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Volume 7

Fall 2005

Front Matter

Julia Marlowe and Jorge H. Atiles, Consumer Fraud Associated with Driver’s License Policy Regarding Latino Immigrants

Joanildo A. Burity, Religion and New Political Actors in Brazil

Brian Wampler and Leonardo Avritzer, The Spread of Participatory Budgeting in Brazil: From Radical Democracy to Participatory Good Government

María Inés Martínez, Films Reviewed: Colombian Films – Hair Therapy; Following One’s Way and There’s No Room for So Many People

Kenneth Mitchell, Book Review: Capital City Politics in Latin America, Democratization and Empowerment, David J. Myers and Henry A. Dietz, eds.

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Volume 8

Fall 2007

Front Matter

Druscilla L. Scribner, The Political Dynamics of Emissions: a Constitutional Tale of Environmental Policy in Santiago

Robyn Eversole, Urban Micro: Reflections on a Decade of microenterprise Develoment in a Bolivian City

Patricia Salzman, Research Note: Lola Mora, Myth, Gender and the Politics of Public Expressions in Buenos Aires: The Fountain of Nereids

Elaine Carey, Films Reviewed: FALN by Robert Gessner and Robert Kramer; Salvador Allende by Patricio Guzman

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