Spring 2014     Physics 248    

Contemporary Applications of Physics
The Physics Behind the Headlines

Lectures: MWF 10:30,   Room: Physics A110

Instructor: J. Rothberg,     Office B207     Phone 543-2989         rothberg@uw.edu

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Text:     T. Moore, "Six Ideas that Shaped Physics" -- Volume Q, Third Edition, 2013     (to be provided by the publisher)          
                    Other reading material will be provided via links.
    Schedule  (Topics, Reading, Exams)     (Preliminary)                    
Topics will include:
    Cryptography, Atomic Microscopes,
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET),
    Energy Production and Use, Nuclear Energy
Background material to be covered includes
    basic Quantum Physics and Nuclear Physics.
News Items:
Quantum Cryptography     Supplier
  NYT, Jan. 28 2014   Nuclear Enrichment
  Physics World, Feb. 4, 2014   New Magnetic Resonance Applications
  Nature, March 11, 2014   New Use for Dark Matter     Article

Photoelectric Effect:     Simulation
Lectures: L. Susskind,   Theoretical Minimum,   Stanford  
Polarization     Lecture 6

Class structure:
  There will be two mid-term exams but no Final Exam.
  Four short (one page) reports based on current newspaper or magazine articles will be required.
  Short homework assignments will be made on alternate weeks.
Grade Allocation:
  Exam1:   25%     Exam2:   25%       Reports   40%     HW 10%
Prerequisites:     Physics 121, 122   or   114, 115.       Recommended: Physics 123 or 116
If you need more information, please send email to: rothberg@uw.edu