East Asia

On the Campaign Trail in Japan

By Brittain Barber,  Japan Studies M.A. program alumnus.

Insight from Nagano, Japan.

In the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to  intern for two weeks with the campaign office of Representative […]

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Below heaven, Suzhou

By Binh Vong, B.A. program student.

Insight from Suzhou, China.

There is a Chinese proverb which states “above is heaven and below is SuHang (Suzhou and Hangzhou).” This proverb implies that […]

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Getting lost, Shanghai

By Binh Vong, B.A. program student.

Insight from Shanghai, China.

It’s easy to get lost in Shanghai, virtually and psychologically. My first memories of Shanghai are the bright lights that illuminate […]

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The Cool Mountain Educational Fund, Yangjuan

By Stevan Harrell, Professor.

Insight from Yangjuan, China.

Previously on the Cool  Mountain Educational Fund blog as: We’re making a difference; Three future teachers; and 113,000 RMB in scholarships find grateful recipients.

Thus far in 2012, I have taken several trips to China as part of my work as head of the Cool Mountain Education Fund, a non-profit organization working to support education in Nuosu Yi communities in China.  The Cool Mountain Educational Fund works to increase enrollment of graduates from Yangjuan Primary School, way up in the Cool Mountains of southern Sichuan, in middle school, high school, college, and trade schools.  To do this, we provide scholarships to all qualifying students.

In April of this year, I was joined by Sichuan University Students and UW exchange members Zhang Yin and Huang Wenlan for a 3-1/2 hour bus ride through lush and drizzly Sichuan countryside, on a freeway so smooth I could write in my field notebooks on the ride, to Deng Xiaoping’s hometown of Guang’an, where we arrived around noon to find Yangjuan graduates Qubi Lisan, Ma Xiaoyang, and Li Musa waiting for us at the bus station; we hopped a city bus to the College, not far out of town, where we had lunch at a little restaurant outside the campus gate, and caught up with the students’ doings.


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