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The Dangerous Allure of Tourism Promotion as a Post-conflict Policy in Disputed Azad Jammu and Kashmir

By Cabeiri Robinson,  JSIS Professor.

Insight from Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

In October 2005, an earthquake altered the landscape of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), a region administered by Pakistan and claimed […]

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NO EXIT: Kashmir “protected” by Indian troops, Srinagar

By Francis Ramoin Flores, B.A. alumnus, 2013-14 Bonderman Travel Fellow.

Insight from Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir.

The following was also posted on Francis Ramoin Flores’ blog on August 21, 2013 where […]

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The City of Lights No More, Karachi

By Nabeeha Chaudhary, M.A. student.

Insight from Karachi, Pakistan.

I have been back home in Karachi for more than a month now–Ramazan passed, Pakistan’s Independence Day passed, Eid-ul-Fitr came and went, the weather got hotter and wedding season began. The only thing that remains constant every time I step out of the house is the amount of people shopping. High end malls keep opening up, people are packed into the shopping centers and buying as if they will never get the chance to do so again. Prices have soared but shops seem to have gotten fuller. A new mall is under construction in the very spot that Mid East Hospital stood a few years ago. I knew it was coming (the hospital was sold back in 2005) but it is still an unpleasant shock to see the building converted and plastered with images of shops and restaurants “coming soon.” How can you tear down a fully functioning hospital, especially in a city where there are already not enough, to build a mall? This a question I keep repeating to myself but have no answer for.


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