Southeast Asia

Requiems of the past: the lingering effects of American military actions in Southeast Asia

By Carl Taylor, B.A. program alumnus.

Insight from Southeast Asia.

When you travel, each city is a requiem of the past and present. In three months, I made my way from […]

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Monarchy Under Construction, Bangkok

By Sara R. Curran, Professor.

Insight from Bangkok, Thailand.

A peaceful, weekday morning in the heart of Bangkok and I am actually cool and refreshed with the windows wide open, in spite of the 32°C mid morning temperature. Outside the proximity of birds chirping, the clinks and clangs of pots being washed in the downstairs apartment, the splash of water as someone hoses down a car or cleans a driveway, and the murmurs of voices between neighbors conveys a feeling of routine peacefulness. The tuk-tuks, motorcycles and bustle of Pahol Yothin Road are a very distant sound and hardly disturbing. I am back in Thailand after a three-year hiatus due to my own administrative responsibilities and time constraints (and not due to any diminished desire to remain engaged with colleagues and friends in Thailand).


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