We want to hear your story!

  • Are you participating in a Jackson School lead study abroad experience, such as an exploration seminar?
  • Are you a JSIS student who spent a quarter abroad?
  • While on vacation last year did you see something that one of your Jackson School classes explained?
  • Do you have stories from your last research trip that didn’t fit into any of your academic writing?
  • Has a place you’ve been studying for years been undergoing some major changes?
  • Have you spent time abroad supported by one of our resource centers or a FLAS?
  • Are you an alumnus who does a job that is connected to or shaped by your Jackson School days?
  • Do you have a job or an internship that is related to your JSIS courses?
  • Did you travel to a conference to present new research?
  • Are you a current staff member, student, alumnus, or faculty member who observed a major event first hand? Maybe you were there when the Berlin Wall came down?

Submissions to JSIS Correspondence are accepted from any Jackson School student, faculty, staff, or alumnus. We also welcome cross-posts from other sources.

The best way to understand the criteria for our stories is to read through what has been posted. However, we do have some story guidelines and writing requirements.

Accepted stories must have some connection to major social, political, economic, or cultural themes and tend fall into one of the following categories:

  • “On the ground” descriptions of major world events by an individual who is there while they are happening or who has unique insight into the event based on his/her credentials,
  • Accounts of cultural events with historical context,
  • Commentary by an expert on a major world event,
  • Discussion of research experience,
  • Discussion of a JSIS learning experience or opportunity,
  • Account of a post-graduation experience or job that is related to the degree experience.

That said, please keep in mind that this is not an academic venue, but rather a place for you to tell your story. This is not a venue for things that read like a textbook or an academic article. Your story needs to have you in it — your experiences, your emotions, and your insights.

If you have a post idea, but are not sure if it will fit JSIS Correspondence, please feel free to contact us at jsisblog [at] uw.edu We are happy to brainstorm with you about your post or offer suggestions about how to go about writing it.

The format of our posts is fairly open, however, we ask that you please keep the following in mind:

  • We ask that you keep the length between 500-2,000 words. We have found that shorter stories are more effective. If you have a very long post, we may ask you to split it into two posts.
  • We require at least one image. The image must be owned by the author or be available for use through the proper type of licencing.
  • We ask that you cite all sources, including photographs.
  • We request that you carefully proofread and spell check your story before submission.

Interested writers are welcome to either submit a fully complete story with images or can contact us at jsis[at]uw.edu to discuss possible posts.

When submitting a post, please remember:

  1. All posts should be submitted over email. In the email, please introduce yourself and offer a few sentences about the nature of the post.
  2. The post should be attached in a Word document.
  3. At least one image should be attached to the email (although more is great). The image must be owned by the author or be available for use through the proper type of licencing. The more high quality the image, the better. For instance, something saved from Facebook would be less preferred than an image file from your camera.
  4. The email or the post document must include a short two to four sentence bio that includes information about your affiliation to the Jackson School (major? faculty?), information about why you were where you were (study abroad? Peace Corps?), and a bit of information about yourself.

All posts are read by JSIS staff and faculty. It is not uncommon for writers to be asked to make minor revisions to a post to make it more compelling. In some cases, we may ask an area expert to read a post for accuracy of information.

While posts do not reflect the Jackson School’s or the University of Washington’s official stance on any issue, on rare occasions writers will be asked to change posts that contain sensitive information — particularly information about people other than the author. It is very uncommon for posts to be rejected, but the staff reserve the right to do so.