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Spring 2013


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by Jennifer Carroll


Recently, someone commented that my research project is a good match for the foundation that awarded my dissertation grant because, “[that group] likes sexy research.” I was momentarily speechless — a rare event for me. My work? “Sexy?” I had never thought of what I do in these terms.

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by Ilse Cirtautas

Ilse Cirtautas with members of the Uzbek Writers' Union in Tashkent, 1989.

“In the first week of May 1972, I arrived in Moscow on my way to Tashkent, Almaty and Frunze (now Bishkek). As it was required in the 1970s, my hotel arrangements in the Soviet Union had been paid in hard currency in the U.S., together with my tickets for Aeroflot, the Soviet Union’s airline. Just a few hours before leaving the hotel for my flight from Moscow to Tashkent, I was stopped by Soviet authorities.”

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by Indra Ekmanis

Nicholas Poppe

Central and Inner Asian studies had its start at the University of Washington in 1949 in the Far Eastern and Russian Institute — the precursor to the Jackson School of International Studies. Under the leadership of Dr. George E. Taylor, the Institute became a magnet for exceptional scholars, including influential academic Nicholas Poppe.'”

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by Ryan Dalrymple

KazMunaiGas building, Astana, Kazakhstan

“ The unknown can be scary, especially if millions of dollars are on the line. To many, the business practices of Kazakhstan are just that — unknown.”


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by John Simeone and Taylor Zajicek

Orthodoxy's eastern-most corner

In its 150 year history, Vladivostok has undergone substantial transformations. Chosen for its warm water bays, and erected on former Chinese land, the city has been Russia’s historic connection to the Pacific world. Vladivostok was a closed city and fortress during much of the Soviet period and continues to house Russia’s Pacific Fleet. Now, Vladivostok is at the center of Russia’s political and economic re-orientation toward East Asia.'”

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