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Newsletter for winter

Vladimir Zhirinovsky & the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia: Two Steps Backward for Democracy?

by Sascha Schilbach

Even from the auditorium’s back row the leader and founder of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDPR)—Vladimir Volfovitch Zhirinovsky—looked menacing. Sweating through his pink shirt half an hour late, Zhirinovsky took the stage in a flurry of bodyguards and uneven applause. Notebook ready and pen poised, I settled into my seat in the back corner of Vladivostok’s main theatre.

Ellison Center News

 Michael Biggins (Slavic Languages and Literatures and UW Libraries) has had his English translation of Slovene author Drago Jančar’s 1978 novel The Galley Slave published by Litterae Slovenicae in Ljubljana as the featured work for the 2011 Vilenica European writers’ conference. In the U.S. it will be published in late 2011 by Dalkey Archive Press. His translation from Slovene of Tomaž Šalamun’s recent collection of poems, The Blue Tower, is scheduled for publication this October by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Twenty Years Later: Memories of the August 1991 Coup Attempt




                        Newspaper courtesy of: Arista Maria Cirtautas.


Jose Alaniz
Associate Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Comparative Literature

Letter from the Director

Jim Augerot
Jim Augerot

by Jim Augerot

Fall 2011

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by Jim Augerot