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Deadline: Monday, November 19th!


Are you interested in taking on a leadership role? Exercising those writing
and editing skills? Working closely with the Jackson School Journal
Editorial Board, Jackson School professors and your fellow students? The Jackson School Journal is currently looking for students just like you to apply for our 2013-2014 Editorial Board. We are particularly interested in students with exceptional writing abilities, an interest in taking on a leadership position and who are excited at the prospect of gaining skills in the writing, editing and publication process.

– Open to Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors
– Able to commit five to ten hours per week
– Able to work on the Editorial Board for at least 1 academic year (i.e.,
Winter 2013-Winter 2014)

Applicants must submit the following:
– Resume
– Statement of support from a professor or TA
– A writing sample of your best work, of a length of your choosing
– A personal statement, one page, single-spaced, that addresses the
following questions:

– Which aspects of your academic background (classes or research) have prepared you for this position?

– How will your personal or professional experiences contribute to your
success as an editor?

Your personal statement and writing sample must include your name, email address, class standing and major at the top of the first page.

The resume, writing sample and personal statement must be submitted to the Jackson School Journal Catalyst Dropbox
(https://catalyst.uw.edu/collectit/dropbox/jsjis/24454) by 5pm November 19th, 2012. Statements of support can be emailed directly to jsjis@uw.edu. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at jsjis@uw.edu.

The Editorial Board
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