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Expert Insights with Mary Callahan

by admin, December 20, 2013

Volume 4 Number 2 – Autumn 2013

Expert Insights

Interviews with Professor Mary Callahan

This section shifts away from student work in order to provide a professional perspective of someone working in the field of International Studies. For this edition of Expert Insights, the Jackson School Journal had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Callahan, who is an Associate Professor at the Jackson School and a nationally recognized expert on the political landscape of Burma. Also known as Myanmar, the country is currently experiencing a period of rapid and major reform. Callahan is the author of “Making Enemies: War and State Building in Burma.” In this timely interview, Callahan discusses the current state of higher education in Myanmar and her recent trip there as an advisor to the Carter Center, and she provides some useful advice for Jackson School students. Callahan is currently on leave from the Jackson School, living in Myanmar over the next year to work as a research consultant and on a new book on recent changes in Myanmar.
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