Jackson School Journal
of International Studies

Volume 2 Number 2 – Autumn 2011

Christan Leonard

A Promise of Change

Kenya’s New Constitution and Eliminating Hunger in the 21st Century

On August 4, 2010, the people of Kenya overwhelmingly approved a new constitution, which citizens, politicians and international observers hope will usher in a new era of prosperity. But will these hopes be realized, or will Kenya continue to be plagued by hunger? This paper seeks to answer that question. The author uses Amartya Sen’s entitlement theory to illuminate hunger as an issue of poverty and not of food supply. Then the author takes a close look at the new constitution, particularly its provision for a devolved government, and analyzes the potential impacts of the recently ratified document on mitigating hunger in the coming years. The paper concludes with policy recommendations for the Kenyan government to provide for the successful implementation of the new constitution and the reduction of hunger in Kenya.
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