Jackson School Journal
of International Studies


Editing for the Jackson School Journal

We are currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 JSJIS Editorial Board! Please follow the guidelines below to submit an application. The deadline to apply is November 10th.

Are you interested in taking on a leadership role? Exercising those writing and editing skills? Working closely with the Jackson School Journal Editorial Board, Jackson School professors and your fellow students? Every Autumn quarter, the Jackson School Journal is currently looking for students just like you to apply for our Editorial Board. We are particularly interested in students with exceptional writing abilities, an interest in taking on a leadership position and who are excited at the prospect of gaining skills in the writing, editing and publication process.

The essential question–why should I apply to be on the JSJIS Editorial Board?

Serving on the Editorial Board of the Jackson School Journal is a great way to build leadership experience, boost your resume, gain exposure to critical international topics and  make long lasting connections with individuals inside and outside of the Jackson School. We are one of the few  and fastest growing undergraduate academic journals in the nation. The JSJIS Editorial Board composes of top-notch international studies scholars who have gone on to do extraordinary work within international affairs. Some of our alumni have gone on to study at Oxford, Columbia, the London School of Economics and other prestigious colleges while other alumni are doing great work in their respective field in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Professional development:the Jackson School Journal trains students to become better writers and editors. Once accepted, new editors are expected to attend a quarter-long training workshop during Winter quarter. The workshop will introduce editors to the format and management processes of scholarly, peer-reviewed publications and provide training in practical editing skills.

Networking: Editors work closely with authors, one another and JSIS professors on the faculty advisory board. It’s hard to build strong working relationships with professors in a campus of over  42,000 students. Serving on the Editorial Board gives students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a professor on a publication piece. Editors also have the opportunity to interview professionals outside of the Jackson School for the Journal’s Expert Insights section.


  • Open to current Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
  • Able to commit five to ten hours per week, beginning Winter 2015
  • Able to work on the Editorial Board for at least 1 academic year (i.e., Winter 2015-Winter 2016)

Applicants must submit the following:

    • Resume
    • Statement of support from a professor or TA
    • A writing sample of your best work, of a length of your choosing
    • A personal statement, one page, single-spaced, that addresses the following questions
      • Which aspects of your academic background (classes or research) have prepared you for this position?
      • How will your personal or professional experiences contribute to your success as an editor?

Your personal statement and writing sample must include your name, email address, class standing and major at the top of the first page.

The resume, writing sample and personal statement must be submitted to the Jackson School Journal Catalyst Dropbox. Statements of support can be emailed directly to jsjis@uw.edu.

Testimonies from former editors


“The Journal has been a keystone in my undergraduate experience at the Jackson School and in laying a foundation for my career. I experienced the growing pains of developing a new publication and trying to expand its readership, and the rewards of each small success that further established the Journal within the school. The professional skills and network that I developed through the Journal factored heavily into my graduate school applications, and I am excited to have been accepted into Columbia University and The City University of New York’s graduate schools of journalism. Above all, I value the relationships that I formed through working on multiple issues of the Journal. It is the only common platform through which I’ve been able to collaborate with students and faculty alike in a professional-like venture, and these working relationships are what have made the Jackson School feel more interconnected and meaningful.” -John Albert, Editor 2011-2013

John Albert is now a graduate of Columbia University’s Journalism Program. 


“Serving on the editorial board for the Jackson School Journal has been a highlight during my time at UW. I gained professional skills working closely with my fellow editors and the faculty Advisory Board, but most importantly, the Journal enabled me to actively engage the Jackson School community. The tremendous friendships and mentorships formed through the Journal are sure to last, as are the beautiful editions of the Journal.” –Rebekah Kennel, Editor 2010-2013


Rebekah is currently working at the National Bureau of Asian Research.