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Volume 1 Number 2 – Spring 2011

Marcus Foster

Small States in Peacemaking Roles

Applying the ‘Norwegian Model’ of Conflict Resolution in Sudan

In the field of conflict resolution, little attention has been paid to the contributions of small states like Norway. Academic literature often treats Norway as merely a host to parties in negotiation. I contest this by analyzing the ”Norwegian Model” of conflict resolution in relation to their involvement in Sudan. I begin by looking at the reasons and qualifications for Norway’s role. By addressing Norway’s involvement I argue that the type of facilitative conflict resolution Norway practices is incredibly effective for the complex, multi-level conflicts seen in the world today. I then explain Norway’s strategy of working as a go-between to facilitate peace talks. This is followed by a discussion of Norway’s strategy of high and low level engagement in Sudan. I argue that this model helped spur success in reaching an agreement between the belligerents. I conclude by looking at prospects for future success.