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Volume 1 Number 2 – Spring 2011

Giselle Lopez

The Colombian Civil War

Potential for Justice in a Culture of Violence

For decades Colombia has been plagued by an internal armed conflict that is rooted in a complex history of socioeconomic inequality, political corruption, and a culture of violence. Due to the state’s inability to effectively address widespread instability and corruption, the civilian population has been placed in the midst of horrific violence and clashes between various armed groups. Colombia’s culture of violence and the prevalence of impunity underscore grave humanitarian concerns that demand a solution. In an effort to explain the complex history of this conflict and the factors that allowed for the enormous suffering of its victims, this essay will outline the background, causal factors, and the nature of the violence. To establish a lasting peace and to address the suffering of the civilian population in this conflict, this essay recommends that the Colombian government take actions to strengthen and establish mechanisms that promote security, accountability, and justice.