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Volume 1 Number 1 – Spring 2010

Samuel Holden Garfield

The Kurdish Struggle for Recognition in Turkey

Towards an Expanded Model of Recognition

Kurdish communities have struggled for recognition from the Turkish state and national mainstream since the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 1922. Struggles of this type are often analyzed using theories of or related to the Hegelian concept of recognition. There are, however, two different conceptions of recognition: the original Hegelian conception and the contemporary one. Axel Honneth’s model is one of the best-known attempts to bridge these two conceptions of recognition. Honneth’s account, however, is lacking in many respects. The author uses the example of the Kurdish struggle for recognition in Turkey to demonstrate how the two conceptions of recognition may be reconciled and how Honneth’s model may be expanded to be more comprehensive and descriptively powerful.