What do Corps members do?

Jumpstart Basics

College Students who join Jumpstart are called Corps members and they work in small groups with preschool children for the entire academic year. Working in small groups allows Corps members to focus on improving the skills of children that are necessary for future success. Corps members work on teams of their peers of about 5-8 people and are supported by a Team Leader. There are five main components of Jumpstart: Training, Session, Classroom Assistance Time, Team Planning Meetings, and Family Involvement/Special Events.

  • Training: Corps members participate in training in order to learn best practices to use in the classroom. Corps members engage in about 4 weeks of pre-service training before the start of sessions, as well as ongoing training designed to meet Corps member and community needs.
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  • Session: Sessions occur twice a week for 2 hours per session (4 hours a week). During each session, the Jumpstart team works with the children in the class with a focus on partner children. Sessions are facilitated by the team leader and include the elements of Circle Time, Choice Time, Small Group Activity, and One-to-One reading.
  • Classroom Assistance Time (CAT): Each Corps member does Classroom Assistance Time for 2-4 hours per week. Corps members schedule this time themselves and try to work in the same classroom as their partner children to observe, provide individual support, and assist with classroom activities.
  • Team Planning Meetings: These are held twice a week for 1.5 hours per meeting (3 hours total). Teams schedule these meetings themselves and they are used for reflection, planning, training, and team bonding.
  • Family Involvement/Special Events: The are dictated by the the interests of the Jumpstart Corps members and the community. Some examples of events are Family Involvement meetings, Jumpstart Field Day, Team Bonding events, and the End of the Year Celebration.

Time Commitment

Jumpstart Corps member commit to complete 300>>> or 200>>> hours for the entire school year. Session times remain the same throughout the year. CAT time is scheduled by individual Corps members, but most teams try to do CAT together. Team Planning Meetings are scheduled by teams every quarter. Trainings are every Wednesday night during the Autumn Quarter, and every other Wednesday night during the Winter Quarter. Corps members complete between 8-12 hours a week. A typical week in the Autumn Quarter might look like this:

Jumpstart Corps Member Sample Week
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Total
CAT: 2-3pm 1 hour
Session: 2:30-4:30 Session: 2:30-4:30 4 hours
Team Planning 4:30-6:00 Team Planning 4:30-6:00 3 hours
Training 6-8pm 2 hours
10 hours


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300 hour

Most Undergraduates will complete 300 hours over the course of the year. Students who earn Work Study and Volunteers are eligible to receive a $1,175 scholarship on completion of 300 hours of service.

200 hour

The 200 hour commitment is reserved for special situations. Undergraduates who sign up for 200 hours do not receive the $1,000 scholarship. Undergraduates who opt to do 200 hours are expected to attend every session, team planning meeting, training and family involvement/special event. Typically, 200 hour Corps members will do two hours of Classroom Assistance Time a week. This option works best for people who join later in the year.

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