Bethany DeTurk


Bethany with her rabbit Pippin

“My participation with Jumpstart was one of my fondest memories from college. During my two years of volunteering with Jumpstart, the children that I worked with touched my heart and showed me the true meaning of joy. I will never forget the day that I brought my pet rabbit, Pippin, to our classroom.  The children were ecstatic, and most of them have probably never seen a rabbit before.  They all lined up and took turns petting him.  One particular child got in line at least 5 times and was so sad when Pippin had to go home.  He asked about Pippin every week for the rest of the year.  Jumpstart taught me the importance of teamwork, patience, and smiles.  With these three skills life becomes a lot less challenging.”

~Bethany DeTurk
Corps Member 2009, Team Leader 2010

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