Building a Community by Building Garden Beds

Garden Build 15

It was an early and hot Saturday morning and involved lots of dirt! But that didn’t stop our volunteers from coming down and supporting the Seattle Tilth “Just Garden Project.” This organization builds food gardens for low income families in their homes and communities to promote self-sufficiency and empowerment.  A garden can provide a family with more than $650 worth of organic produce within a year!  These gardens are community based solutions that work towards ending hunger and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

We gathered at the George Center for Community with our 18 volunteers from the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society to eat a light breakfast and get ready  for a day filled with lots of handy work!  There were five different locations to build gardens for and our volunteers split into groups to help get all the work done in time.  Tasks included building the garden boxes out of plywood, lining the garden boxes with cardboard to prevent weed growth, and filling all the gardens with soil.

Garden Build 7

Each garden box took four pieces of plywood, 12 nails, and plenty of arm strength!

Garden Build 11

Lining the garden boxes with cardboard at the bottom helps prevent weed growth.

Garden Build 18

Our volunteers working hard and enjoying the sunshine!

Garden Build 14

The gardens are ready to use!

Garden Build 16

The event lasted around three hours but with all the hard work from our volunteers we were able to finish right in time for a delicious lunch provided by the Just Garden Project!  Thank you to all our volunteers who came out and thank you to the Just Garden Project for letting us participate in such a great event.

To find out more about the Just Garden Project visit:


  1. It is refreshing to see young people involved in social service. It says a lot about society when we take care of each other. By these people building the beds they are also giving others an opportunity to help themselves. They will be planting and taking care of the gardens. This gives them a chance to give back by producing food that others can eat. It is a win/win/win situation.

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