Spring Quarter Classes


Inner Pipeline Classes Inner Pipeline Seminars are focused on education topics.  You can generally receive 2-5 credits. Mondays: Higher Education Tutoring & Mentorship (EDUC 401 G&H) Tuesdays: General Issues in K-12 Education (EDUC 401B) Literacy and Justice through Photograph (EDUC 401 Z) Non-profits and Education (EDUC 401 V) Leadership in Education Equity (EDUC 401 X)… [Continue Reading]

Winter Quarter Classes

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Below you will find a list of classes where you can use your Jumpstart service to earn credit! Jumpstart Seminar: Jumpstart offers 2-credits for the Winter Quarter Training Series through General Studies 346.  The training is mandatory for all students, but some will earn credit.  Please note, if you choose to earn credit for the… [Continue Reading]

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