Debby Le

Debby at Denise Louie International District preschool

Debby at Denise Louie International District preschool

“I got involved with Jumpstart my senior year of school in the 2006-2007 school year as a Corp Member at Denise Louie Education Center in the International District.

When I was a member of Jumpstart things were just getting organized, the union on campus was pushing for higher pay and more training for members before we were put in classrooms, which I learned we were able to achieve for the next school year. I remember having fun working with the children, especially my partner child, who was so very quiet and sweet. I also remember the wonderful group activities and team building outings I would have with my team.

Being a part of Jumpstart was an incredible experience that made me change my plans for my future after college. After I graduated I applied and got a teaching position at the preschool I was working in as a Jumpstart member. I was able to then turn around and have other Jumpstart teams come volunteer in MY classroom. Six years later, I am still teaching preschool, and now I’m working on my MA in ECE. Working with the children and so many Jumpstart members throughout those years has helped me become more confidant in myself and more social, it has connected me with so many new people of varying diversities. One of my favorite things is walking around the International District and running into previous parents or students, and seeing how much everyone has grown; sometimes they remember me and sometimes they don’t.”

~Debby Le

Corps member 2006

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