Gloria Johnston

Gloria Johnston (center) with her Team at and Earth Day Celebration.

Gloria Johnston (center) with her Team at an Earth Day Celebration at Westlake Center.

I got involved with Jumpstart as a sophomore in 2004. I was hired as a Team leader and worked at Denise Louie Education Center in the International District and Beacon Hill for 3 years. As an undergrad, Jumpstart gave me a community to belong to. You couldn’t miss those bright blue shirts all over campus; especially not in large crowds of people!

I learned about leadership through team leader meetings, facilitating weekly team meetings, presenting at staff trainings, various public speaking events such as freshman orientation and the high achievers receptions as well as representing Jumpstart to the new Vice Provost.  I have great memories from the team leader conferences in Anaheim. 8 years later, I am still close friends with my fellow teammates.

Finally, Jumpstart gave me the opportunity to meet with Senator Patty Murray both in my Seattle classroom and in Washington D.C at a constituent breakfast to discuss the importance of early childhood education. All of these opportunities have allowed me to realize how important it is to not only work with, but also advocate for marginalized communities. Currently I am in the UW School of Social Work MSW program and I can thank Jumpstart for helping me discover my passion for working with diverse populations and allowing me the opportunity gain hands on experience while making a difference in the lives of children.

~Gloria Johnston

Team Leader 2004-2006
UW School of Social Work MSW Candidate 2013


  1. Truly this University is great and a home of people who have a leadership skills.

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