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Jennifer is in the front row to the left in this picture next to Jumpstart President and CEO Naila Bolus.

Jennifer did just about every job you could with Jumpstart. She served as a corps member, team leader and volunteer coordinator during the four years she attended the University of Washington. As wonderful as she was helping in our office, Jennifer was amazing in the classroom as well and formed a close bond with a mother and child her Junior year in Jumpstart.  Both talk about their experiences below:

Words from a Jumpstart mom to my team:

“I would like to say thanks to Jumpstart and the corps members who bring in their music, stories, book, care and love every Tuesday and Thursday into the classroom. Jumpstart plans all kinds of activities. From singing songs, reading books, sharing stories to doing science experiments, their sessions have made a large difference in my autistic daughter’s excitement for school. For her, school means being able to read, sing, and participate in these activities with the Jumpstart members. At home, she is always singing their songs. You name it, she can sing it!”

In a few sentences, Mrs. Marina demonstrates how Jumpstart has touched (and continues to change) the lives of both children and their families. My relationships with the kids and their parents in Jumpstart have only inspired me to continue working – and hopefully making an impact – in the lives of children everywhere.

~Jennifer Nguyen

Corps member 2008, Team Leader 2009, 2010, Volunteer Coordinator 2011




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