Kelly Fong


Kelly reading with a child at a Jumpstart event.

“I initially became involved with Jumpstart my freshman year of college as a Corps Member at DLEC in the International District and subsequently became a Team Leader.

Some of my best memories are getting to be silly! Basically I could act like a kid and not get weird stares. Ha-ha!  I think Jumpstart allowed me to realize how much I’m actually a big kid at heart. My first memories included learning the song “Baby Shark” and while it wasn’t a song I sang while I was a preschooler it quickly became one of my favorites. I have a laundry list of other songs that I find myself inadvertently humming during the day. It’s always a kicker when attending doctors with small children ask “Why is that tune so familiar?”

Once in awhile when I’m in the International District or really anywhere in Seattle, I’ll bump into some old students. Some will recognize me, some won’t but either way it’s always nice to see their bright smiles and think that I made an impact on their lives no matter how minute.

Jumpstart allowed me to find and pursue my passion, medicine. I realized during my time at Jumpstart that very often that the educational success of my students was not only access to a good education but also to good health care. I love that medicine combined my passion for science as well as my passion to educate and work with families. I’m in my third year of medical school now and while I’m not 100% sure what I want to do “when I grow up” I hope that it will bring me the same feelings of joy and accomplishment as I had while working with Jumpstart!”

~Kelly Fong

Corps Member 2008, Team Leader 2009

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